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CLYW Manatee

CLYW Manatee


The Manatee is the the latest and greatest from CLYW. It’s the signature model of Riccardo Fraolini. Riccardo Fraolini is one of the world’s most innovative and creative throwers, and the Manatee suits his style. This yoyo is wide; it’s really wide, how wide? 54.6 mm, that’s how wide! It’s super stable and perfect for learning and creating new tricks. Perfect for some serious fun.

Recommended for advanced and competition level players.

This yoyo is unresponsive.

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The Manatee is the new signature return top for Riccardo Fraolini, and one of our favorite designs to date. Riccardo has made a name for himself as the undisputed king of the #trickcircle, posting some of the most mind-blowing original tricks imaginable to his Instagram and Facebookaccounts, and he wanted a return top that would make his nearly-impossible tricks just a little more consistent. 

The Manatee design started with the Arctic Circle 2; Riccardo wanted a similar feel look with the rims, but asked for a different feel on the string. The Manatee has a super wide profile with a huge catch zone for all those tricky catches, and plenty of rim weight to help you get through those long tricks and combos. The Manatee's weight distribution makes it really easy to control the speed of your play, whether you are slowing down a trick for video or pushing for ultra-fast contest play. 

This yoyo is unresponsive.

Diameter - 54.6mm
Width - 48.2mm
Weight - 67.1g
Material - 6061 Aluminum
Response - CLYW Neon Snow Tires
Bearing - Size C Centering Concave Licensed by Dif-e-Yo