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CLYW Peak 2

CLYW Peak 2


The Peak 2 is the second version of the CLYW Peak Yoyo. The Peak was the first yoyo released by CLYW way back in 2006! The Peak really raised the bar and set the standard for what a modern yoyo can do. The Peak 2 was released to commemorate the release of the original Peak. But it’s been updated and refined for current play styles. The Peak 2 has a classic organic shape with modern weight distribution, and some beautiful colors. If you are looking for a modern organic shaped yoyo look no further than the Peak 2.

This yoyo is unresponsive.

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The Peak, the iconic first return top ever released by CLYW, set the bar for metal return tops upon its release. Crashing web stores and driving collectors insane with each quickly sold out release, the Peak was the flagship model of CLYW, and the design that launched the company. 

Ten years later, we've cleaned it up, brought it up to modern play standards, and we're bringing it back for a whole new generation of players to enjoy. 

The Peak 2 features that same shape you all know and love, with design changes to the bearing seat and response area, and a shift in weight distribution to make it play even smoother and floatier. The ultimate carry-around return top, the Peak 2 is everything you were hoping for and more. 

Diameter: 54.6 mm
Width: 41.7 mm
Weight: 64.5 grams
Response: Snow Tires
Bearing: CBC Center Trac Bearing