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Monkeyfinger Conspiracy

Monkeyfinger Conspiracy


The Conspiracy is reality! Proudly made in Canada, and hand anodized by Mr. Monkeyfinger himself, this yoyo is an absolute slayer. On the top of many best of 2018 yoyo awards lists, this yoyo is amazing. Powerful, stable, floaty, comfortable in the hand, with a nice wide gap, it can take anything you throw at it!

It comes with Tasmanian Tornado ceramic hybrid bearing, and Monkeyfinger silicone response. Comes in a Monkeyfinger triangle magnetic box, stuffed with lots of goodies. Each Conspiracy comes with Monkeyfinger yoyo buff as a bonus!

Extremely limited stock!

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From Monkeyfinger:
CONSPIRACY THEORY?  Not anymore.  This is CONSPIRACY REALITY!  Introducing our second team-build yoyo:  THE CONSPIRACY:  a complete departure from our first team-built, the Tri-B.  The Conspiracy was designed and built with competition in mind….. pushing the highest limits of accuracy with its massive catch zone while flowing through your supersonic speed combos.  When it comes to competition play, being nimble while getting in-and-out of tricks is what it is all about.  The Conspiracy does it in spades….with heart.

This is the first release since the PixelApe and we wanted to make sure we nailed down the colours.  We’ve never spent more time ano-testing on any other throw and  I think you’ll agree the combos are like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  Photos do not do it justice!  Two colour-ways have never been seen before with on never touching a production run.  The last colour-way is by far all time most requested  MonkeyfingeR colour.

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Diameter - 56mm
Width - 44mm
Weight - 65.3g
Gap - 4.5mm
Material - 6061 Aluminum
Response - Monkey Snot Flow Silicone
Bearing - Size C 10 Ball Ceramic Hybrid Bearing