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YoyoFactory Metal Arrow

YoyoFactory Metal Arrow


The Metal Arrow from YoyoFactory will get you right on target! The Metal Arrow is the perfect starter for someone looking for their first metal yoyo, or for an experienced player looking for something small and fun. The Metal Arrow definitely has a retro vibe to it, and is an undersized yoyo, the fingerspin hub will spin for days, and the plastic caps glow in the dark! Great performance at a great price!
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From YoyoFactory
We tapped a bit of retro Original YoYoFactory styling when it came to making a metal version of the Arrow. The familiar cap and fingerspin friendly has are there but the body borrows heavily on the G5 / GM2 designs to create a super fun pocket friendly player. Use both those pockets and its a nice 3A set too.


Weight- 65.4 Grams

Diameter- 2.14”inches (54.3mm)

Width- 1.62”inches (41.15mm)

String Gap- 0.170in (4.32mm)

Bearing- Large Center Trac