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YoyoFactory Wedge

YoyoFactory Wedge


The Wedge is a high-performance plastic Yoyo from YoyoFactory.
The Wedge is the plastic (polycarbonate) version of the Edge, and is the signature model of World Yoyo Champion Evan Nagao. This thing is a beast, and for the price it can’t be beat.
The Wedge’s unique shape and weight distribution gives it spin and stability that can throw down with any and all modern yoyo tricks. The aluminium fingerspin hub spins like a champ, and makes the Wedge one of the better yo-yos for doing (and learning!) fingerspins. If you’re an advanced thrower looking for a low-budget and high performance plastic yoyo, the Wedge can fill that gap.

Recommended for: Intermediate, First Unresponsive, and Advanced players.

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This yoyo is unresponsive.

Diameter - 57.5mm
Width - 47.2mm
Weight - 67grams
Material - Polycarbonate Body w/ Blasted Aluminium Fingerspin Hub
Gap - 4.3mm
Bearing - YYF Center Trac Bearing.