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YoyoFactory One

YoyoFactory One


The YoyoFactory One is THE ONE. A perfect first yoyo. It’s smaller size and durability makes it perfect for kids learning how to yoyo.

The One’s durable construction means it won’t break five minutes after you open the package, it can take whatever your kids can throw at it.

The One is also a very satisfying responsive throw that fits in your pocket. If you’ve learned to throw and catch a yoyo, and you’re feeling ambitious, the One also comes with an additional wide unresponsive bearing, and you can give modern unresponsive tricks a try (here’s a secret, it’s not that hard!)
The One comes in a variety of fun colors at a great price.

This yoyo can be adjusted for responsive or unresponsive play.

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This yoyo is responsive and can be converted to unresponsive.
Diameter - 52.65mm
Width - 37.3mm
Weight - 58g
Material - Polycarbonate Plastic
Response - CBC White Thick Large Bearing Pads
Bearing -CBC Large Half Spec Bearing/Full Size Flat C bearing