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YoyoFactory Replay Pro

YoyoFactory Replay Pro


The Replay Pro is Gentry Stein’s signature plastic throw. Not being content at winning the world championship with a $45 yoyo, Gentry Stein the won the U.S. national competition with a $16 plastic yoyo. The Replay Pro is a full-sized and full-powered polycarbonate (a fancy word for plastic) yoyo, that can meet all the demands of modern yoyo play. The Replay Pro’s secret is its heavy rim weight, tough polycarbonate construction, and high-performance center-trac bearing.

This yoyo is a perfect option for a first-time unresponsive yoyo, and a great low-cost option for experienced players.

This yoyo is unresponsive.

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This Yoyo is unresponsive.
Diameter - 58.2mm
Width - 44mm
Weight - 68g
Material - Polycarbonate Plastic
Response - CBC Large Slim Pads
Bearing -CBC Large Center Trac Bearing