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YoyoFactory Shutter

YoyoFactory Shutter


The YoyoFactory Shutter is the yoyo that changed all the rules. The Shutter is the signature model of World and US National yoyo champ Gentry Stein. To say the Shutter is a classic is a paradox, it IS a classic, but it’s also just as robust and vital as it was when it was released.
The shape is powerful and stable, the shape is comfortable and can do just about anything you throw at it. If you’ve been throwing for a while, and are ready to get your first metal yoyo, or you’re an old hand, the Shutter is a great all around throw.

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This Yoyo is unresponsive.
Diameter - 56mm
Width - 44.4mm
Weight - 65.5g
Material - 6061 Aluminum
Response - CBC Large Slim Pads
Bearing -CBC Large Center Trac Bearing