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CLYW Metal Yeti now available at the Motmot Shop!

The Metal Yeti is the third iteration of the Yeti return top. Like the mythic beast it is named after the Metal Yeti is big, it’s a big yo-yo, and it’s also big fun. The size and organic shape make the Metal Yeti a joy to play, it has a bit of an “old skool” feel, while feeling completely modern in its design and playability. It can take any trick you can throw at it. It’s big, it’s round, it’s fun, and at its heart, the Metal Yeti is pure CLYW. The folks at the Caribou Lodge wanted to get these into as many hands as possible, and made sure the Metal Yeti would not bust your budget, so the Metal Yeti goes for a mere €60 Eurobucks.
Available in Blue, Gold, Purple, and Black, each Metal Yeti yoyo comes with a golden Kitty String, Yeti sticker sheet, and a limited edition enamel pin. Get it now at the Motmot Shop!
What more do you want from a yo-yo?

Yo-yo specs for nerds.
Diameter: 58.6 MM
Width: 45 MM
Weight: 67 GRAMS
Response: SNOW TIRES