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Basecamp Edgeless Yoyo at the Motmot Shop.

This is like something coming full circle, if you know what I mean.
I’m really excited to be launching our online shop with this particular yo-yo, the Basecamp Edgeless. Basecamp is a collaboration between YoyoFactory and CLYW, as well as a few other yo-yo companies. It’s a chance for the different companies to experiment and run with some weird and crazy ideas. Like a radically different shape with no hard edges, and did I mention that it’s hollow? When I started getting back into yo-yoing, my first modern yo-yo was a Basecamp Sherpa, which in many ways, is the forerunner to the Edgeless.
The Edgeless is the latest addition to the Edge family of yo-yos which is the signature series of World Yo-yo champion, Evan Nagao.
But the Edgeless is so different from any previous Edge model, it’s light and floaty, and unique and unlike anything else out there.
Stop by the Motmot Shop and try it out for yourself.
Or you could order it online from our new and improved online shop!