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CLYW Bear Trap at the Motmot Shop in Vienna, Austria!

We’ve got the Bear Trap, the newest and weirdest from CLYW. It’s not just weird, it plays extremely awesomely. How Awesome you ask? Very Awesome is the answer. It’s super fast and nimble on the string, and extremely stable. How stable you ask? It’s off the stability counter.
We are one of a very small number (2) of shops in the EU carrying the Bear Trap

The Bear Trap is Caribou Lodge at their finest; it’s a nod to their past, yet it’s entirely new and innovative.
The Bear Trap takes more than an ample amount of inspiration from the classic CLYW Chief but then does something absolutely bonkers, and makes something completely new and different.
The first thing you notice about the Bear Trap is the circular cap on the sides. and on the inside of those caps, are the classic CLYW rim rings, and with that, the fun begins.
The Bear Trap plays fast and nimble, and it is rock-solid and stable. The nearly solid cap makes the Bear Trap unique, opening up new avenues for new tricks and innovation.
Available now, in Gold, Aqua, Purple, and Forest Green. Extremely limited quantities!
Come and check it out at the Motmot Shop in Vienna!