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CLYW now available at the Motmot Shop in Vienna!

This is a big deal. CLYW stands for Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works; they are based out of Edmonton, Canada, they make some of the best return tops in the word. Return top is Canadian for yoyo, don’t ask, it’s a long story. I am stoked to be carrying their goods in our shop. CLYW is a rare company that get’s “it.” What is “it?” “It” is a rare combination of art, design, and engineering that few companies get exactly right, and which CLWY seems to get every time. CLYW’s design sensibilities and attention to detail really make every yo-yo look like a work of functional art. Each yo-yo has a unique look and feel, and their amazing color combinations make every yo-yo a unique object. Every new CLYW yoyo has a new name and logo, and their sense of graphic design is amazing and impeccable. Beyond the look of each yo-yo is how each one plays, and every CLWY yoyo plays amazing, and each CLYW model seems to have a different personality. Most CLYW models are perfect for casual throwing and also competition ready, yet somehow always manage to be primarily about the fun. We’re proud to be carrying 5 different CLYW models at the Motmot Shop: the Manatee, Peak 2, Pickaxe, Borealis, and the Big Dipper.  You can try them out at the Motmot Shop, or get them online at Motmotshop.com

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