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Yoyo Factory Shutter now available at the Motmot Shop in Vienna

The Yoyo Factory Shutter is the signature model of world Yoyo champion Gentry Stein.  The Shutter is about as iconic as a yoyo can get. The Shutter is an unresponsive aluminum yoyo, it's the yoyo that Gentry Stein used to win the 2014 World Championship. The Shutter is considered to be a great all-rounder yoyo; able to do all kinds of tricks, it's got a nifty fingerspin cup, and lip for grinds, a nice gap for string tricks, it's heavy enough to have a good amount of power and spin, but doesn't feel too heavy on the string. It comes with a center trac bearing and can keep spinning for all kinds of trick combinations. I've personally tested mine and it spun for over 4 minutes. 

What is so great about the Shutter, it's almost subversive, is the price. Until the Shutter, most metal yoyos of any quality cost upwards of €100. In 2014, when Gentry Stein won the World Championship, the 2nd and 3rd place competitors were both using yoyos that cost over €200.  Yoyo Factory managed to price the Shutter at under €50. Since then it's really opened the market for high-quality Yoyos that won't break the bank. The Shutter is a perfect yoyo for the thrower that wants to move on up to a full-metal yoyo, but it's not a beginner's yoyo, either. The Shutter was the first all-metal yoyo that I bought, and even though I've progressed, I still go back to my original Shutter, it's still one of my go to yoyos. 

The Yoyo Factory Shutter is now available at the Motmot Shop for €45,- it's available in black, red, and blue. The Motmot Shop is the only shop in Austria carrying the Shutter, and the only place in Vienna where you can try before you buy. 

Motmot Shop, Kirchengasse 36/8 Wien

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