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Vienna Needs Yoyos!

The Motmot shop is now Vienna’s premiere yoyo shop! We have a wide selection of yoyos from Yoyo Factory, makers of the world’s finest yoyos.   Whether you’re a beginner, old-skool thrower, advanced player, or a competitive player, we’ve got something for you.  And if you’re an experienced player and need a new set of strings, bearings, or response pads, we’ve got them!
What’s great about buying yoyos from a physical shop, is that you can try them out and see what yoyo is best suited for you. And at the Motmot shop, you are more than welcome to try out any of the yoyos we offer and see what’s right for you. As well as Yoyo Factory, we plan on expanding our selection of yoyos from other makers.  I will be making regular updates to the Motmot blog and waxing poetic about yoyos and what makes them so special. So, if you’re in Vienna, and want to give it a spin, come to the Motmot shop! 

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